A Positive Outlook On Life

My family, we’re not perfect. Most of the times we fight because of serious matters, and sometimes just because of nonsense things. But I love them. And I MUST love them. I have learned from the experience of a friend of mine.

He is a 19 year old guy. We are really close friends and the reason I know everything about his stories. Let’s just name him Pal.

The only boy in the family and has 4 sisters. He is second to the youngest. Pal’s family is not perfect, he always say. Pal has a broken family. His father left him when he was still in the 4th grade (I think he was 11 years old) because he’s living with another woman (women i should say) “secretly”. There are times his father will not be coming home for dinner and uses work as an alibi. Just for the record, his father worked as a waiter in a restaurant managed and owned by Pal’s grandfather (the father of Pal’s mother). so how is that? I guess you are baffled why does his father worked only as a waiter. He worked as a waiter because he is still looking for a job, and as a spouse of the co-owner, he is enjoying some privileges.

Moving on, i remember the story when Pal’s mother show to them, together with his siblings, where his father and his father’s other woman is. And of course, caught on act. “How sweet they are” (Pal’s joke whenever he remember this event).

It was difficult for Pal to accept things so easily. His father, as he always tells me, is the only man that he put on his trust. The man that taught him how to be a true man, how to be a gentleman protecting his sisters. The man that Pal considered as the man of steel.–All these are gone.

But he always says “shit happens but life goes on”. Thinking that everything happens for a reason. Only God knows.

It was this event that let Pal draw closer to God, the Father that  is always there. The Father that will never leave. The Father that will always be the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Now, Pal just look on the brighter side. For him, it is how you see things. Positive words are very powerful to help us to become more positive in our outlook and in our actions and to handle negative situations.

So do not end your life just because what you expect didn’t happen. My friend, I hope you too have learned from the experience of Pal.

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